About Us

ALAS International is a multicultural and multilingual company focused on developing skills and knowledge for individuals and businesses to help them succeed in a global setting through innovating services.


Daniel and Samantha are bilingual business entrepreneurs who have a passion for world cultures and people. They have extensive work and living experiences overseas. As a result, they are dedicated to helping other people experience a smooth transition into the U.S. and acclimate to the fast-paced lifestyle.


They are trained in cross-cultural management and second language acquisition. Both of these said areas provide a foundation for them to excel in facilitating learning and serving culturally diverse people to foster new opportunities that enrich their lives.


Daniel and Samantha are proud parents of two bilingual and bicultural kids; they enjoy spending time with the kids and showing them the world.


The understanding that each individual is unique, and recognize our individual differences encompassing acceptance and respect.

Lifetime Learner

The pursuit of knowledge and skills that enhances personal development.


The confidence to challenge conventional notions of how things have been done before.

Our Values


The ability to deal with new and unexpected changes in a positive way.

Global Mindset

The ability to see the world beyond your own. To adjust to different environments and cultures around the world and be a bridge for greater learning and growth to those around you.

How We Work

Be adventurous. Approach life in a 5-year old way. Explore, try, be curious. We are human beings and by nature, we evolve constantly therefore, we need our dose of excitement to continue growing.

Learn. Once you have put yourself out there, learn from the experience. It doesn’t matter if the result is “good” or “bad” according to your paradigms, what matters is how you can grow from that particular experience, capitalize on it and use it for your advantage.

Adapt. Now you have learned something that will help you to be more in tune with the world (like you shouldn’t blow your nose in a meeting in Australia), you can continue developing your understanding of the others, their culture, and how you can have better relationships with people.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

Offices in Denver and Mexico City

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ALAS International, 2018,  info@alas-international.com

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