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Executive Relocation Program

We help companies to make a soft transition for their executives and their families when moving to the United States and Mexico. We offer a program with pre and post-arrival support to ensure a higher probability of success focusing on cultural awareness. 

Intercultural Training, Consulting
& Cross-Cultural Management

We foster international awareness and support team members within the organizations.  Our training sessions and workshops can be used for on-the-job training and professional  development. These researched-based training sessions and workshops are interactive, engaging, and hands-on. Training can be arranged onsite, blended or remote. 

Team Building With LEGO Serious Play

This is a methodology to help organizations to thrive and get more out of their projects and meetings in a very creative environment. Depending on your specific  needs, we can help you strengthen collaboration, communication, engagement or productivity among team members.

Language Programs

Whether you need to train your employees in industry-specific terminology or you want to seize the opportunity to target a minority market, we can help you. Our customized English and Spanish programs are offered on-site, blended or online. 

Leadership & Management

If you have first time managers and supervisors, our leadership training can help them develop the skills and traits needed to be an effective leader. Trainings are offered on site. 

Translation Services

Whether looking for a form or a 500 page document to be translated, we offer the service at a very competitive cost. Languages that we work with are Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

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